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Group Classes for Children - Giardino dei Teens - IN-PERSON BROOKLYN

Group Classes for Children - Giardino dei Teens - IN-PERSON BROOKLYN

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Group Classes for Children - Giardino dei Teens (age 14-16)


Fall  2023

Full Term 19 weeks (excluding national holidays)

Unlock the world of Italian language mastery for teenagers with our comprehensive program. Designed to help teens learn and understand grammar, develop strong writing skills, and enhance reading comprehension, our course provides a solid foundation in Italian. Students also have the invaluable opportunity to communicate with their peers in Italian, gradually building confidence in engaging in simple conversations. With a structured approach centered around theme-based units, our classes incorporate interactive exercises and games that make learning enjoyable and immersive. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of communicative abilities, vocabulary expansion, listening comprehension, reading proficiency, and writing excellence, as well as honing pronunciation and grammar skills.




MONDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 18 [No 25] Oct 2-[No 9]-16-23-30 Nov 6-13-20-27 Dec 4-11-18-[No 25] Jan [No 1]-8-[No15]-22-29 Feb 5-12
TUESDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 19-26 Oct 3-10-17-24-[No 31] Nov 7-14-21-28 Dec 5-12-19-[No 26] Jan [No 2]-9-16-23-30 Feb 6-13
WEDNESDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 20-27 Oct 4-11-18-25 Nov 1-8-15-[No 22]-29 Dec 6-13-20-[No 27] Jan [No 3]-10-17-24-31 Feb 7-14
THURSDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 21-28 Oct 5-12-19-26 Nov 2-9-16-[No 23]-30 Dec 7-14-21-[No 28] Jan [No 4]- 11-18-25 Feb 1-8-15
FRIDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 22-29 Oct 6-13-20-27 Nov 3-[No 10]-17-[No 24] Dec 1-8-15 [No 22-29] Jan [No 5]-12-19-26 Feb 2-9-16
SATURDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 23-30 Oct 7-14-21-28 Nov 4-[No 11]-18-[No 25] Dec 2-9-16-[No 23-30] Jan [No 6]-13-20-27 Feb 3-10-17



  • Absolute Beginner - Introduction to Italian. This group class is for absolute beginners. Your child has never studied Italian. He/She will be exposed to the Italian Language through the basics of our Italian Grammar through writing, reading, and comprehension.
  • Beginner - Your child knows some Italian vocabulary but despite a good understanding, he/she still struggles to communicate orally in a spontaneous way. In this class, the teacher will speak only in Italian to allow your child to get more and more familiar with the language and help him/her to eventually respond/speak in Italian.
  • High Beginner - Your child already knows the basics of Italian grammar for beginners and we will help them to improve it more.
  • Native Level - If your child is a (like) native Italian speaker, this is the right class.

**For all levels: Topics from prior lessons are reviewed at the beginning of each session. A new topic is introduced every week.

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